What we are all about

The Modern Conducting Academy was created by founder Dr. Jaclyn Normandie as a way to make high-quality professional development training available to people around the world.

Our mission is honor peoples' individual needs. Not everyone can afford the money to attend destination conferences or workshops. Not everyone has the time to go back to graduate school. 

While MCA fully supports the above activities, we also see that these create a separation between the conductor and their professional development. 

MCA strives to bring the education directly to the homes and offices of our members. 

Modern Conducting Academy Founder

Modern Conducting Academy Founder

The Modern Conducting Academy is owned and operated, Dr. Jaclyn Normandie.  She was inspired to create the academy after years of hearing fellow music directors ask, "Where can I find affordable professional development?"

Dr. Normandie had the great fortune of receiving instruction from some of the most prestigious mentors for conducting, and by the age of 33, she had conducted at regional and national conferences, toured four different continents, was invited to lecture in multiple countries, and had taught high school, church music, community ensembles, and at three different universities.