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Get the Job:
Interview Skills that Work

This masterclass equips you with the essential interview skills to make a lasting impression and secure your place in academia.

Session Panelists (Listed Alphabetically)

  • Dr. Joe Miller, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music

  • Dr. Amanda Quist, University of Miami 

  • Dr. Sandra Snow, Michigan State University 

  • Dr. Jonathan Talberg, California State University Long Beach

  • Dr. Jeffery Redding, University of Central Florida

  • Dr. Betsy Cook Weber, University of Houston

Monday, December 11th (recording available)

4:00pm PST // 6:00pm CST // 7:00pm EST

Stories from Members

Linda Heikkila

"I am so excited about all of this training! I would never have access to this kind of information in such a great format."

Javvieaus Stewart

"There is something for every kind of director to explore on the MCA platform at an affordable price! Every tool and resource is worth implementing!"

Dr. Charlene Archibeque - MCA Professor

"Conductors of all ages and experiences can find solutions to fill in their personal rehearsal/conducting gaps through this amazing one on one program."

Julie Lowry

"I am extremely impressed with

Modern Conducting Academy and their client service is unmatched."

Andrea Townsend

"That class brought tears to my eyes.  Sometimes I'm intimidated by how much I don't know and how much there is to learn about music, but today, I was just happily overwhelmed with gratitude for how rich music is. This really re-juiced my batteries emotionally, in the run-up to my December performance marathon."

Keith Lathrom

“I am really enjoying the program so far. Such a diverse resource and I am glad I purchased a subscription."

Jacob Boland

“These conducting masterclasses opened an entirely new realm of educational insights and resources that allowed for the re-enhancement of my conducting."

Crystal Stone

“My favorite thing about MCA is that it’s not a huge time commitment. They are incredibly effective masterclasses that you can do any time."

Tracy Snipstead

"Thanks again for providing these master classes. I feel so much better about spending time and money learning about different aspects of choral conducting."

Jane Joe
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MCA is a living historical document of influential music educators around the world.

Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program

When you purchase an Annual Membership, we gift an Annual Membership to one of our scholarship applicants.

Staying true to our mission of accessible education, we have many scholarship members in countries around the world. Pictured here is the Hope Music Foundation in Uganda, one of our partnered organizations.


Modern Conducting Academy makes world-class education accessible to people regardless of global location, educational background, or family budget.

MCA was created by Dr. Jaclyn Normandie after she saw colleagues seeking a way to continue their education without taking time away from families and established careers with graduate school or expensive conferences. While these are invaluable methods of education, they limit accessibility.

MCA believes that every person who desires growth in their musicianship should have access to education. 


Classes for All Levels

Classes for All Levels

Whether you are a college student or seasoned professional, we have resources for you. MCA offers professional development for music educators in the areas of choir, band, and orchestra. 

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Private Lessons

Private coaching available in:

  • Conducting Gesture

  • Score Study

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  • Stress Management

  • Career Goal Development

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Professional Development Hours

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Share Your Expertise 

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Receive a FREE Masterclass

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Rehearsal Strategies

Conducting Gesture

We have members on SIX continents.

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Individual Masterclass

Each masterclass can be purchased individually. Watch LIVE and interact with professors and view the recording any time.